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Headstand tutorial

Antother great mini-tutorial by Brandt yoga instructor Cherie Schooley! This one is a step-by-step guide to getting up into headstand. Enjoy!


Recovery yoga after overhead squats and burpees

Check out Brandt yoga instructor and avid crossfitter Cherie Schooley in this short session designed to help crossfitters recover from a tough overhead squat and burpee workout. This is also appropriate for anyone in need of a quick shoulder/hip opener.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Heat building yoga for freezing temperatures

I’ve always found one of the best ways to get warm and stay that way for a little while when the weather is so frigid is a good heat-building flow. Since our classes (and most classes around town) are cancelled due to icy roads, here are a few videos that I find are really great. These three are meant to be done in sequence all at once but are great by themselves as well. They are by Amy Patee, who has a series of yoga videos on YouTube. Enjoy and stay warm!

Yoga with a sprained ankle

For the past month (almost) I’ve been trying to get around having a sprained ankle and still teach my classes. For the most part, I’ve managed to modify enough that I didn’t cause myself any extra pain. It took some trial and error though! Here’s a video of a few modifications I suggest for anyone finding themselves with a minor injury to the foot. These modifications also work if you just need a less intense practice. Check it out!