Yoga at Brandt Fitness and Self Defense in Fort Worth

Our Instructors/Brandt Yoga Fort Worth

Sarah McClellan-Brandt

Sarah began teaching yoga in 2004 after getting certified by YogaFit. She has taught at Fazeke’s Gym, the Arlington School of Self Defense and SafeHaven of Tarrant County’s transtional living program. She also volunteers with the Prison Yoga Project. She has been doing CrossFit workouts since 2008 and has found that the two disciplines go hand in hand. In 2010, she and her husband, Kyle Brandt, opened Brandt Fitness and Self Defense. The studio offers CrossFit, martial arts and yoga. Sarah works full-time for SafeHaven of Tarrant County as its communications coordinator.

Tripp Miller

Tripp took the level 1 Baptiste teacher training course in February of 2010 and has been a staple to the Fort Worth yoga community ever since.  He has since completed Level 2 Baptiste and am currently working on his Baptiste certification.  He teaches a challenging vinyasa flow-style class and a CrossFit specific class.

Cherie Schooley

Cherie teaches a Vinyasa flow class designed to build strength, flexibility, coordination and focus. Her class is energy boosting and invigorating.  Cherie received her 200-hour yoga instructor certification from The Living Yoga Program in Austin in 2008.

Jamie Merritt

Jamie began teaching in 2006 by assisting her mentor with yoga classes.  She enjoyed helping others by demonstrating and providing step by step instructions so much that she decided to get her 200 hr certification at Shannon Buffington Yoga in December of 2010.  She teaches a yoga class that is a cross between Hatha and Vinyasa style flow/power yoga.

Ashleigh Burns

Ashleigh has been Crossfit certified for almost two years and recently became YogaFit certified. She is passionate about bringing Yoga to the CrossFit community for the unprecedented mental strength and lengthening that is gained in practicing. She sees an increase in low shoulder mobility, hip flexibility, and breath in CrossFitters who practice yoga. Her goal is to teach students how to use their yoga practice to elevate their CrossFit, which will take their minds and bodies to a new level.

Josh Santiago

Josh received his CrossFit certification in July of 2010. CrossFit is the reason he became interested in yoga. After doing the WODs day after day he realized he needed to take the time to work on his flexibility and mobility. He figured he should check out a yoga class to see if it could be a tool to improve mobility. He realized yoga was so much more than flexibility training. He saw benefits for joints, strength, stability, stamina, mobility, and found that yoga helped him to deal with every day life. He decided he wanted to to share this with other CrossFitters and anyone who might have a misunderstanding about the benefits you get from regular yoga practice so he became YogaFit certified.

Tera Galindo

Tera believes that yoga will bring you strength, focus, flexibility, and healing to body, mind & spirit.  She began teaching in 2001 at the Ryan Family YMCA and volunteer teaches at St. Stephen Presbyterian Church to support the local missions.  Tera received training from YogaFit and is mid way through her 200-hour yoga instructor certification from the Living Yoga Program in Austin.  She teaches a restorative Vinyasa flow class. She has experience as a social worker, school teacher, fitness instructor for Silver Sneakers, Pilates, KidFit, Muscle Mix & Cardio- Step classes. She is also a volunteer with the Prison Yoga Project.