Yoga at Brandt Fitness and Self Defense in Fort Worth

Meet Sarah Zedler, our newest teacher

Sarah Zedler is a longtime friend of ours and she is working to complete her YogaFit certification.  Below, she shares some photos and thoughts about her certification class, along with her personal yoga story. Come welcome her at the studio!

Pam Rosenthal-Assistant Instructor, Sarah Zedler-Trainee, Dr. Linda

YogaFit brought Master Trainer Dr. Linda Rowe to Fort Worth for an 18 -hour training seminar September 10th and 11th. Dr. Rowe is a YogaFit  RYT 500 Senior Master Trainer and licensed chiropractic physician. She is the creator of YogaFit’s 300 Hour Therapy Program, star and author  of YogaFit’s YogaBack(tm) DVD and has been with the company since 1998. Almost thirty instructors/trainees participated. YogaFit vinyasa  yoga is part of the hatha tradition and emphasizes doing yoga safely and creating an experience free of judgment and competition. The training overed principles of spinal alignment, creating a compassionate atmosphere in the classroom, and a detailed explanation of foundational poses in yoga.

My name is Sarah Zedler, and after practicing yoga around Fort Worth for ten years, participating in a training that emphasizes the biomechanics of yoga was perfect for me! Dr. Rowe was able to explain why injuries occur as well as teach us how to keep our students safe. I am so excited to ring this knowledge and the YogaFit method to the mat!

Here’s my yoga story. After getting married in 2000, moving Fort Worth (a large city to me), getting a new job, and dealing with my husband’s passive-aggressive dog, running on the treadmill just wasn’t providing enough stress relief anymore. I signed up for a lunchtime yoga class at the downtown YMCA and have been practicing yoga ever since. Now that I’m a mom, I’ve become passionate about core strength and ways to engage and strengthen the muscles so we can lift our kids, our grocery sacks, or our CrossFit weights while protecting our lower backs. Fitness has always been so much a part of my life that I’m not myself without it. I’ve been a college basketball player, martial artist, kickboxer, barre student, and yogi. My passion is to help my students feel empowered and joyful when they practice yoga.


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