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Produce Co-Op, a better way to get good fruits and vegegables

A little pop quiz today!

Sometimes the produce at the grocery store is:

a. not good

b. limited in variety

c. not fresh

d. expensive

e. all of the above

If you answered “e”, don’t worry! There are other ways to find enough fruits and vegetables at a good prices that is fresh and varied. One of those ways is a produce co-op. Here’s how it works: you pay a set amount for a “share” of produce. The co-op leader sends it to various  locations and a volunteer at that location separates it into bags or boxes for pick up every two weeks.  Kyle and I have been participating in a co-op called Your Health Source and our pick up location is close to Brandt Fitness. It’s the Acupuncture Health and Wellness Center and it’s on Magnolia just next door to Temaki Sushi.  We love it because the produce we get generally lasts about three times as long as what we buy at the store and there is always something different or new. And it is way less expensive than buying its organic equivalent at the grocery store. The group supports local and organic farms. A full share is $50 and a half share is $25. There is a $25 yearly membership fee. We use the half-share and supplement with our “staples” that we don’t get with the co-op. If you’d like to try it, just visit the either the Your Health Source website or call Pam at the Acupuncture Health and Wellness Center (817-877-1502).


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