Yoga at Brandt Fitness and Self Defense in Fort Worth

Yoga at lunch: best way to get through the afternoon

Slumping at your desk, making trips to the coke machine (or coffee maker), crossing your legs, staring at a computer — these are all things we fall victim to when we work desk jobs. I work an eight-hour day that is more often than not at a desk in front of a computer, and sometimes I find myself so hunched over that shoulder openers in an evening yoga class become painful. I’ve found that the absolute best way to stop bad posture and tired afternoons in their tracks is practicing yoga at lunch. Since Brandt Fitness opened its yoga room in January, I’ve been attending at least one of Cherie Schooley’s 45-minute lunchtime yoga classes (12:15-1 p.m. Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) per week. The difference in what I can accomplish in the afternoon at work on days I make it to lunch yoga and days I don’t is astounding!  Come try it out! It’s especially convenient if you work in the Fort Worth South/Near Southside area, including Magnolia Street. First class is free and for a limited time (when you mention this blog post) we will give you a $10 discount on a ten-class pass (normally $90). Email me for more information at


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