Yoga at Brandt Fitness and Self Defense in Fort Worth

Ashleigh and Josh talk about their YogaFit cert


 Josh and Ashleigh wrote about their experience at the YogaFit certification last weekend.  Come check them out!  Josh is subbing for this Thursday’s 5:45 flow class and Ashleigh begins her Thursday 6:45 p.m. CrossFit Specific class this week!

Josh’s take:

The YogaFit Cert. was great! I feel a lot more equipped to teach after attending this past weekend. I have a better understanding on how to structure a class and how to modify poses for different people. The breathing techniques were also great, because at times I find it so easy to forget to breath in certain poses. My favorite part about the cert was actually just meeting the people there. Everyone was so cool, and fun to talk to. Being one out of four men at the cert I was definitely a minority, but I certainly don’t consider it a bad thing being a minority in a class full of women. I brought more diversity to class having a different body type, and coming from a crossfit background. The diversity was a good thing though because the entire class got to see how peoples poses differ with age, gender, injuries and body type. This was great for learning more modifications; pretty interesting stuff ! I’m looking forward to start applying that I learned this weekend to help people with their yoga practice.

Big thanks to my great friend Ashleigh, aka: Tigress, for being an awesome supporter when I had any doubt during the cert. Also, thank you Sarah for encouraging me to become a yoga teacher and showing me that you don’t have to be a human pretzel to practice and teach functional yoga.

Ashleigh’s take:

The YogaFit cert was such a great experience! I really enjoyed getting to know the other beginning teachers who made me feel welcome even though I did this crazy sport called CrossFit. The instructor was hilarious and just made every hour fun and exciting. It can be difficult to sit and listen for long periods of time, but the Yoga Fit curriculum includes a lot of breaking down poses while in them so you feel like you have truly accomplished the poses. I am so looking forward to continuing my knowledge of yoga and can’t wait for what is to come!


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